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Bill Branscum became a member of this agency following his career as a federal agent, U.S. Department of the Treasury/USCS. He was the Honor Graduate at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. As a Special Agent, he initiated and conducted investigations involving violations of federal law, prepared case prosecution summaries and pursued successful prosecutions in both state and federal courts.

While violations of Title 18 (general), Title 19 (smuggling), Title 21 (narcotics) and Title 31 (money laundering) were the primary focus of most of his cases, he has also conducted investigations related to the unlawful exportation of critical technology, the sexual exploitation of children and contract murder.

Special Agent Branscum was the Treasury representative assigned to the FBI Organized Crime Strike Force in Miami and received a Commendation from Director Sessions related to his contributions to exceptionally complex organized crime cases involving international gemological fraud and money laundering.

Primary Areas of Expertise:
  • Financial Investigations
  • Corporate Competitive Intelligence
  • Securities Arbitration Support
  • White Collar Crime
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Background Investigation

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