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While we recognize that there are those who blatantly prey upon neophyte investigators who are making an effort to enter, or master, this complex career field, we do not feel inclined to proffer negative reviews of their material. Instead, we choose to list resources we are familiar with and have found useful.

We do not claim any particular qualifications as critics although, according to contemporary professional standards, it would appear that anyone who is wholly incapable of doing or contributing anything useful of their own seems qualified. Bearing in mind that everyone has an opinion, the reader can be assured that we offer an honest opinion with no "quid pro quo" of any kind involved.

Anyone who wishes to have material reviewed may feel free to submit it whether or not you produced it - if you pay shipping to get it here, we will pay the shipping costs to return it. In the event we find the material worthwhile and priced according to its merit, we will be happy to include it in our list. If not, we will return the material to you with an honest and candid explanation as to why we chose not to endorse it. You need not fear that we will "bash" the work - we will not publish any negative reviews.

NOTE : This is a work in progress that we have only recently initiated; the fact that a given work is not included should not be interpreted as an indication that we did not find it worthwhile.

Criminal and Civil Investigator's Handbook
by Joseph J. Grau

This hard bound comprehensive investigative manual is approximately two inches thick - the pages are sectionally numbered so it is difficult to cite total pages. Unfortunately, it may be out of print.

Search and Seizure, Second Edition
by LaFave & Scott

This hard bound, four volume set will provide anyone with more information than they ever wanted to know regarding search and seizure.

The Guide to Background Investigation
by TISI Publications

This soft cover 1924 page tome is an exhaustive "comprehensive source directory for employee screening and background investigations." Investigators often sell previous editions as they are replaced; outdated copies are still very useful as the information does not change much from year to year. New or used, it is a must have investigative resource. The publisher can be reached at (800) 247-8713.

Manhunt: The Book
by Joseph Culligan, et al.

This soft cover manual is approximately an inch thick - the pages are sectionally numbered so it is difficult to cite total pages. Geared toward those who search for "skips" or assets, it is an excellent book for the beginning investigator and worthwhile reading for anyone in the investigative career field.

The Investigators Guidebook
by Ed Pankau

This 95 page, soft cover, manual is similar to Manhunt: the Book. It is a well written, worthwhile addition to the neophyte's library but somewhat less exhaustive and informative than Manhunt.

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a PI by Ed Pankau

This soft cover, 117 page, manual could be useful to the investigator searching for business promotion strategies. The author, Ed Pankau is a remarkably capable speaker and promoter and he has demonstrated the ability to establish himself as a competent investigator and promote his services.

Take the Money and Strut by Fay Faron

We found this 95 page, soft cover manual to be as informative as it was amusing. It is not so much an educational masterpiece as it is a series of amusing anecdotes that provide insight into various debt collection techniques.

The Investigator and Surreptitious Entry by E. Lee Griggs and Rob Painter (803) 432-9008

This soft bound 75 page book is not a broad based investigative text - this is about locks, crime scene management related to locks and general instruction regarding investigative approach to cases with lock/forced entry related issues. It is exceptionally informative. The author offers a refund to anyone who is dissatisfied.

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